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BMW 320

BMW 320 BMW 320 BMW 320 BMW 320 BMW 320 BMW 320 BMW 320

BMW 320

Preis: €1.600




BMW M50 B20 Engine - 320i E36 / 520i E34

Engine overhaul
2000 cc 6 cylinder / 4 valves (STR 6 DOHC); 150 Hp;
Architecture 6-cylinder in-line; Electronic fuel injection; distribution of type DOHC 4-valve per cylinder.
This engine was mounted on BMW E36 320i (1991-95) and the BMW 520i E34 (1990-92).
BMW 320
BMW 320 BMW 320 BMW 320 BMW 320 BMW 320 BMW 320 BMW 320

Toyota Vios



Toyota Vios Toyota Vios Underdrive Lightweight Pulley Fit for : Toyota vios Quantity: 2 pieces Color: Red maxspeedingrods-store

Renault Clio

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Renault CLIO Vendo Clio WILLIAMS VERO N3, al TOP pronto gara. Cambio Innesti Frontali Renault Sport, centralina TDD mappatura CARMULTIPOINT, preparazione motore MATINO, 178 CV alla ruota, assetto STAC, scocca multipunti saldata.



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Lotus Cortina



Lotus Twin cam engine, 158 BHP (see dyno sheet). Alternator conversion, and Aldon electronic distributor (original Dynamo and distributor with car). Standard 2000E 4 speed gearbox, Unused Quaife 4 speed dog gear kit supplied with car. LSD Leda damp...



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Mg ZR 105 Rover Zr Gr.A, assetto Ohilns regolabili, Freni ant e post Ap , leva idraulico, scocca perfetta interni molto curati. Macchina vincente. Richiesta 15000 € A parte numerosi ricambi,gomme e cerchi.



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Pirelli PZero

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Pirelli PZero Rally RX9 RX7 RX5 PZero Rally RX9 RX7 RX5 Selling new Pirelli tyres 2x RX9 2x RX7 2x RX5 all new production 2013 located in germany shipping possible

Mitsubishi Lancer

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Mitsubishi Lancer EVO8 Ex ASRT car. Estonian legal and sport registration. Vilgars roll cage. Evo 8 forged engine with Kelford camshafts. 400 km SS from new. 34mm restrictor. Used Sunoco RTC 102 FIA fuel only. Evo9 turbo. Ohlins 3way suspension. Pla...



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