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Ford Focus

Ford Focus

Ford Focus

Preis: €10.000




xtrac 516 fully sequential gearbox from ex btcc ford focus touring car we are breaking

16 TOURING CAR GEARBOX ex btcc focus breaking for parts

The P516 gearbox is a high performance front wheel drive touring car gearbox that was designed specifically for the World Touring Car Championship.

The P516 makes use of reduced center distance F1 derived gear ratios to minimise the size and weight of the gearbox and to minimize inertia. The gearchange system incorporates the latest polynomial barrel track design and low inertia gearchange rack to improve gearchange response and driver feel.

The low positioning of the gear cluster enables easy removal from the car under the chassis rail, and lowers the centre of gravity. The gear cluster is fully exposed when removed from the gearbox allowing quick inspection, and easy access for ratio changes.


• 300Nm (221lbf ft) maximum input torque capacity*

• 6 speeds with sequential gearchange selection
Ford Focus

Lotus Esprit



I am the second owner of this beautiful Series 1 Esprit.The car shows only 33289 km.I have the original shop manual and handbook. In addition,I have the Lotus Certificate of Authenticity showing that this is a matching numbers car.I have restore...



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Citroen C4

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Citroen C4



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Bmw M3 e46



Bmw M3 e46 for sale doors, hood, trunk, dashboard, bumper, enlargements BMW M3 E46 in fiberglass or carbon fiber. Info Mobile 3884737099 B & D TUNING

Citroen Xsara

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Citroen Xsara Xsara WRC for sale. 3 times WRC Event winner with Loeb (Montecarlo, Turkey, Italy). Perfect conditions, many spare parts. For infos please contact us.

Peugeot 208

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Peugeot 208 S1600 Nouvel voiture avant saison 2013. Top moteur TU5, 229 hp et 212 nm (nouvel 2013). Seq. 6 Vitesses avec LSD. ECU Motec M84 avec datalog, powershift, start system, etc.. Amortisseurs Protlum TopRace 3-way, complet adj...



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Subaru Impreza

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Subaru impreza PLEASE NOTE...£15,500 in british pounds, not euros! 1998 2 door group N Subaru Impreza, originally from Prodrive. Now in B13 speck with 34 mm restrictor. Cosworth pistons, arrow rods, N10 crank. Running on gems, mapped to sunoco ...



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