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Ford engine

Ford engine

Ford engine

Preis: €7.000


Sprinter & Bergrennautos


This a Ford Cosworth BDG engine in Component form it is effectively all the correct components to build the highest quality race engine including clutch, Starter motor and Slide throttle induction with Carbon air intakes and electronic injection, originally purchased for an abandoned race car project.

The parts are brand new and are as follows

Quaife 90.4mm alloy BDG block.

DKE engineering 72.50 mm Steel billet crankshaft, lightened counter balance, narrow journal, lightened crankpins.

JE 90.4mm forged pistons.

Arrow precision H section narrow pin 5.23" steel connecting rods.

KAM cylinder head Fully ported fitted with Colsibro guides and Beryllium seats 3 stud exhaust pattern for 10 mm spark plugs complete with studs and plugs (As sold by Burtons cost of this alone over £5,000 Inc. vat)

Race Engine Components valves 1.400" inlets REC 256 and1.200" exhausts REC476.

Arrow precision lightweight steel cam followers CF326 andCF325.

Genuine original Cosworth Schmitelm valve springs SH360.3

Valve spring caps collets and platforms (collets andplatforms not shown in photo)

Cylinder head stud, nut kit.

Complete set of Vandervell competition material engine bearings (Mains, Big ends and thrusts)

Steel billet jack shaft including steel thrust plate.

Titan BDG 4 port Dry sump pump.

Steel sump pan with full length scavenge trough.

Front timing cover complete with seals.

Complete set of timing gear Adjustable Alloy cam pulley's, Back drive water pump pulley, Alloy jack shaft pulley, Steel crankshaft pulley, Alloy tensioning and fixed Idler's including posts, studs, and bearings Gates drive belt etc.

BDT alloy water pump.

Rear crankshaft oil seal housing and seal.

BDG Cam Carrier with cam bungs and thrust keys and locating studs.

Cam Cover.

New Ford thermostat housing

Camshafts from new blanks profiles F1 and BLF17.

ARK Racing Starter motor systems Compact light weight 1.4 kw starter motor and super lightweight 235mm steel flywheel for 5.5" clutch.

Tilton 5.5" (140mm) Twin plate lug drive racing clutch complete with twin sintered friction plates suit ford 1" x 23 Spline

Cometic engine gasket set.

Cometic steel multi-layer Cylinder head gasket.

Slide throttle Intake fuel injection system.
Ford engine

Nissan 200 SX



For sale Nissan 200sx s14. 1994 (LHD) build sr20det aprox 400+ hp Cage, firewalls, big-brakes. Tein suspension, Gtr axles etc....... spair 350z gearbox with sr20 conversion plate spair wheels and tires info:



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nex brake kit. mitsubishi evo



nex brake kit. mitsubishi evo For sale a brake kit for mitsubishi evo 7-8-9,for front 6pot calibers with disks and pands 355-32,and for rear 330-28,they have a few miles it is like new



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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution



In 2015 car was rebuilded and had a new mapping. Fully prepared to compete in a race. Car has never been crashed. The characteristics: The engine - 564 horsepower, 705 Nm of torque. The body - only the roof and preserved the original floor, the rest...



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Ford Focus



Ford Focus PSG Cosworth New build in 2014, driven for approx 300km only for testing purpose. Hillclimb special car for E2-SH group. Engine: Ford Cosworth YB – Ing. Gabat Tuning, 500hp, engine built upto 620hp - Custom made 8injectors, 450ccm ea...



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Norma M20F



The car is from the year 2011 but has apgreds 2014 and including five stakes won 3 races. It has 3 sets of wheels which makes 12 wheels altogether . It has two gearbox ratios and even more stuff flat front type , etc. You can contact the number 00351...



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Disponibile Renault Clio RS sport



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