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Ford Sierra

Ford Sierra Ford Sierra Ford Sierra Ford Sierra

Ford Sierra

Preis: €6.000




Ford Sierra Cosworth 2 WD Limousine UNFALLFREI / ROSTFREI
** Rollfertig **
- ATS Alufelgen 9 x 17", Bereifung von AVON 230/60 SR 17 - umwickelt & mit Feuchtigkeit versorgt
- Bremsen vorne: 32,5 cm Durchmesser, Innenbelüftung, Bremssattel von AP Racing England
- Bremsen hinten: 28 cm - " - , - " - , Schwimmsattel
- Fahrwerk: Bildstein Schraubfahrwerk, verkürzte Federn ( Rundstreckenabstimmung )
- Vorderachse: Schubstrebe & direkte Lenkung
- MATTER Sicherheitsüberrollkäfig geschraubt
- Sicherheitstank 70 Liter, Schnelltankanlage
Ford Sierra
Ford Sierra Ford Sierra Ford Sierra Ford Sierra

Honda Civic

Rallye Autos


Honda Civic Type R Honda type R, group 8, top tarmac Japan specification. Professionally new built for season 2010 from a new body. During last five seasons has finished every race where started, 100% reliable cars. Engine 232 HP, torque 221 Nm- 400...

Renault Clio



Vendo clio RS Sport con motore completamente ricostruito km effettivi 374, centralina rimappata, scarico acciaio inox, filtro CDA in carbonio, motore provato su banco potenza effettiva 189 CV alla ruota, impianto hi-fi per gare di ascolto con kit in ...



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Peugeot 205



Original condition and never repainted.It never been involved in any accidents and it was always perfectly maintained.The transmission is without reproach and it starts on the first key turn and never overheats.



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Skoda Fabia



Skoda Fabia S2000 This Skoda Fabia S2000 used to be the lucky car of the 8th time Bulgarian rally champion Dimitar Iliev. It has always been perfectly maintained and Iliev’s crew has always given its best when taking care of the car. This car has al...



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Bmw BMW Team Wear



Bmw BMW Team Wear BMW Team Wear For sale T-shirt Polo shirt Jacket Sweatshirt etc... info at

Mallock MK 31



Absolutely race ready. Call or write for more details



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