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yamaha Rallye-Autos zum Verkauf / RacingPal (3)

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Lada 21013

Rallye Autos


Lada 2101-3 (1200s) for sale. Date of manufacturing: 1982. Officially race car from 2011, fully re-built in 2016. 160 HP 1700 Lada engine (Havassy make), 4 inlet and 4 outlet. Sliding gearbox (Higany make). 940 limited-slip differential. Bilstein sho...



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Suzuki Samurai

Rallye Autos


Suzuki Samurai proto yamaha r1 Vendesi proto samurai auto costruito da Ivano Nicoletta e vincitore del campionato italiano velocità fuoristrada 2010 . Vettura motorizzata con due motori Yamaha r1 è dotata di assetto ohlins nuovo. Vettura omologata e...



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Klement Mosquito

Rallye Autos


Klement Mosquito R1 Brand new, Yamaha R1 powered, purpose-built Rally-Raid / Cross-Country FIA homologated T3 Light buggy for sale or rent with full support. All spare-parts are continuously available from stock. We are racing the same model, wit...



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