Toyota Yaris GR - HKS/CUSCO Pack: km 7.500, April 2021, white colour, 4 OZ Racing rims (white colour) with winter tires (snow), 4 OZ Racing rims (white colour) with Pirelli PZero tyres, HKS control module e Map MAGIC Competition, GR Parts strut bar, CUSCO front torsion bar, CUSCO rear torsion bar, WHITELINE front torsion bar connecting rod/link, WHITELINE rear torsion bar connecting rod/link, CUSTO adjustable rear lower arms, upper arms CUSCO adjustable rear axles, WHITELINE ultra-stiff bushings front A-arms, CUSCO central engine/gearbox mount, CUSCO oversized rear diff cover, CUSCO front stiffener frame, CUSCO rear stiffener frame, CUSCO power brace/rear end, CUSCO rear strut brace, swift gear AIRTEC, AIRTEC exchanger/oversized intercooler, intake with AIRTEC oversized conical filter, braided/aeronautical brake hose kits, EBC front brake pads Racing, extra-long wheel studs, all oils containing nano-polymers ...