Porsche 911 sc


911 sc
Porsche 911sc rs 3.0 gr 4


For sale Porsche 911 sc rs 3.0 gr 4 Year 1974
Porsche gr 4, second rally grouping. Car registered with documents in order and with valid international htp.
Injured and well-kept car with fittings taken care of by Al.Mar sport.
Fully raised and updated in perfect race ready condition.
The body has been lightened and strengthened.
New 280 HP engine with double ignition, short and reinforced bevel gear, copper clutch,
Forged pistons, connecting rods, heads machined by direct injection, Bosch pump, lightened aluminum flywheel, Camshafts, 930 turbo oil pump, new injectors.
Simplified electrical system,
double petrol pump, new tank with anti-knock sponge, top mount for front cambler adjustment, steel exhaust and manifolds, braking distributor, front and rear bumper skids, RS rear arms, caliper discs, shock absorbers and adjustable bars, all with RS specifications according to grouping (all demonstrable work carried out)
Double control unit, stylus intercom, lights, flocked dashboard, small light battery and much more
12 circles
Tires (a new rain train)
some spare parts included including a smaller rear spoiler and new spare rear fenders
Price 87 000
vehicle visible in Verona