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Now the new Suzuki Swift Rally 5port
Since 2008, the Suzuki Swift has continued to surprise with its results in rallies in the Suzuki Swift Cup. Now it's moving forward and the Suzuki Swift Rally 5 is becoming the latest companion in your sporting career. It is fast, reliable and cost-effective and meets the latest FIA requirements. Welcome to the rally revolution with Rally5 kit! We are pleased to introduce you to the new rally category that is shaking up the rally world – Rally5 Kit. What makes Rally5 kit so exciting?

Accessible to all: The Rally5 kit is designed for all rally enthusiasts, from beginners to experienced drivers. Now everyone can enter the exciting world of rallying.

Affordable: We've made sure that the Rally5 kit is an affordable category. With race-ready vehicles, you can experience the thrill of racing without breaking the bank.

Get ready for adventure! Find out more about Rally5 kit and how you can be part of this exciting rally category. Don't be left behind, join the Rally5 kit revolution!