Alfa Romeo RZ/SZ




Alfa Romeo SZ. Limited Edition # 986,Zagato, Chassis number xx900.
Currently registered in The Netherlands. Full history known.
Car was delivered new in Italy in 1992, the second owner bought it in year 2000 and imported it in The Netherlands. Car had run 30.000 km's then. Second owner had the car from 2000 to 2014, and did only 15.000 km's mostly on Autobahn, never on the circuit. Third owner got the car in May 2014, mileage now 48.800
Extensive maintenance done in 2014 (more than 5000 euro), including timing belt,
all fluids. Dutch APK (like MOT/TUV) until January 2016. Original red SZ car cover included. The car is in perfect condition.
The interior and exterior is fully original. Sony Radio/Cassette installed.
Engine modified, performance estimated 260 hp instead of the original 210 hp. Car is very very fast.
Things done:
- Stainless steel exhaust
- Faster camshaft from Colombo & Bariani, type AR6.SM1 (road medium)
- Larger valves
- Adapted ports
- Performance-chip
- Performance-airfilter
- Larger diskbrakes, calipers and brake blocks front (Brembo/Alfa Romeo braking system like GTA)
- New disks and brake blocks rear
- Improved cooling-fan (one of the known problems)
- Gearbox revision - new bearings, rings etc
- Suspension front and rear revised, all rubbers renewed, new fluids etc.
- Reinforced rear axle (teflon ring, negative camber etc.)
- All hoses, ducts and gaskets renewed
- Chassis newly sprayed, passivated, powder-coated etc.
- All advised modifications done !