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  • BMW E30-E36

    BMW E30-E36 / Race Cars

    Wäre schweren Herzens bereit, mein BMW E30 V8 Tracktool zu übergeben. Das Auto / Umabu ist seit vielen Jahren bei mir und wurde in dieser Zeit schrittweise verbessert. Keine Kinderkrankheiten mehr, le...
  • Citroen C3

    Citroen C3 / Rally Cars

    New Citroën Racing C3 R5 Available immediately – Can be shipped worldwide* Fully Assembled in Tarmac Specification with the option to purchase a gravel transformation kit separately. Car is s...
  • Renault Clio

    Renault Clio / Rally Cars

    Like new Clio R3T for sale. 1100 SS Km from brand new. Renault sport tarmac kit, chassis #089. Latest spec car. Incl.: Nightface, rallystands, fastjack, 16 rims with tires, fueling system Fantast...
  • 1100 Euro

    1100 Euro / Parts

    For sale is a RC 111 6-speed racing-gearbox. 400Nm. Only used on 2016 season approx 300km. 0km after service. LSD with external pre-load adjustment. Clutch spline 7/8?-20. Bellhousing for zetec. Both ...
  • Autobianchi A112

    Autobianchi A112 / Race Cars

    Vendesi 112 Abarth classe S3 Slalom iniezione elettronica cambio nuovo I.F. meccanica su uniboll etc etc
  • Citroen DS3

    Citroen DS3 / Rally Cars

    07/2016 built from DS3R3 with full conversion original KIT DS3 R3T MAX, 1100 SSkm from new complet MAX engine (new engine with turbo, wires, sensors etc) 1100 SSkm from last rebuilding gearbox, drives...