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  • BMW E46

    BMW E46 / Rallye Autos

    Engine: M3 S54 + airbox (362 HP / 415 Nm) ECU: Vems + AIM lcd display Operating buttons / steering wheel: AS Moto Gearbox: Sequential + AP racing clutch (Possible with Drenth gearbox, but thi...
  • BMW e30

    BMW e30 / Rallye Autos

    for sale Bmw E30 200cv very good, as novo
  • BMW M3

    BMW M3 / Rallye Autos

    BMW M3 Group A FULL Spec 2019 *Made in 2019 by MATS in the Netherlands chassis #10 *FIA passport *Never been rent only 1 driver Samsonas 6 speed 210 diff with 5:28 Fully welded body ...
  • Land Rover

    Land Rover / Rallye Autos

    100” Tomcat road legal racer. Low centre of gravity. The vehicle is faultless. The car has passed many rallies without failure. Made to Cross Country Rally, legal with FIA TH class by the rules of att...